Global Training Academy - About the Company

Company – Global Training Academy

GTA is the offshoot of TEFL Academy which is in TEFL teacher training since 2006. The company is registered in United Kingdom, Thailand and India and operates worldwide with partners and own operations.

GTA caters to students both online and on-site teacher training, soft skill and skill development programs worldwide. The latest development in the teaching industry is incorporated in the curriculum so that our trainees are well equipped with the key principles of teaching, training and development.

GTA for many years now have been training teachers from Asia, Europe, Africa and many other corners of the world. We are thinking of launching self-directed study course and online workshops for our trainees soon.

Our Purpose

The main aim of GTA is to prepare a course curriculum which equips its teachers to grasp the modern teaching systems and understand the principles and intricacies of teaching, training and development.

What We Believe

Best education in self-education!
The three most important parts of learning and education is ritual, music and movement.
Modern teaching styles are perfectly blended with traditional concepts of teaching
GTA trains its teachers so that they are comfortable in teaching both adults and children.
We stress on practical application as we believe that it is the best way of learning.
It is always best to accommodate different modes of educations
GTA also believes that there can be nothing better than self-directed and self-paced education