The IDPPTT course can be taken up candidates who have completed a bare minimum 10+2 standard.

It is require they understand the language English well, since all the training will be in English.

This program, completely of international standards has been designed to give training for the pre level teachers as well as the primary level teachers, so they become certified internationally to teach children from the age group of 2 to 12.

This course has been designed from the scratch so that any one aspiring to become teachers can also take it up, and off course teachers having considerable experience in this field can upgrade to the most recent teaching methodologies.

So people who aspire to become teachers either in the Montessori schools (pre level), or Primary schools, or both together can actually pursue this course.

If teaching young minds has been your dream, and you like being with small children, this is really a good course for you.

Teaching as career has been a very noble profession throughout, filled with challenge, excitement and rewarding at the end. A teacher has always been a very honoured in the society. When you start teaching as your profession it gives you a sense of satisfaction of moulding the minds of the future citizens.

Teaching jobs have never dried out, as the number of schools have increased several times over, in the past decade as several are about to open , will always offer plenty of opportunities for aspiring and experienced pre and Primary teachers to work.

In our experience, many try and shift to this profession from other sectors as this job gives them plenty of scope for creativity, mixing and passing on knowledge as well as giving much time, which they usually did not find in the corporate world.

GTA will give 100% assistance to its successful students , with openings in Pre and Primary schools.


The IDTEFL course can be taken up by graduates (Bachelor’s Degree) from recognized university.

It is also a prerequisite that they understand, and not only that they be proficient in the language.

For people who just love to teach English anywhere in the world, this is just the right course for you. For people who have a zest to wander round the globe and mix with people from other cultures, you have actually found out the right course for yourself.

For people who aspire to become ESL teachers and can just feel confident to teach any age group, you can blindly take this course up.

After completing this course you can take up as a English language teacher, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan , Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, where demand of English is on the rise, and so is the requirement of teachers.

English being the primary language of communication countries are putting more emphasis on training them on the language now, not only in the pre and primary level, but also in the College and University levels. Business organizations are trying to learn more to enhance the language so that they can properly interact with people through out the globe.


The IDPDT program has the following requisites:

A Bachelors Degree from any recognized university.
Good Interpersonal skills
Good command over English as a language.

This professional development training course is aimed for evolving an in-depth knowledge of the skills required to be a competent trainer. .This course for trainers is available online and is thus, suitable not only for aspiring trainers but also professional trainers, who face a time crunch and are unable to spare the time to attend a professional development training course.

The training course for trainers that is available in India is specifically meant for those people who want to develop a more in depth knowledge about the skills of training. Training is a tricky thing and those who are aiming at training or are new at training must take this professional training course and take it seriously.

This training course for trainers is designed to improvise on the basic skills of a trainer which are the skills of observation, analysis and evaluation. Thus, even professionals and managers with training responsibilities would benefit from this training course for trainers.