Teaching as career has been a very noble profession throughout, filled with challenge, excitement and rewarding at the end. A teacher has always been a very honoured in the society. When you start teaching as your profession it gives you a sense of satisfaction of moulding the minds of the future citizens.

It is that rewarding profession that provides the opportunity to shape and build many a lives.

A good teacher must imbibe the following qualities to be exceptionally good in their job.

Should be a very good listener: This is a very necessary quality as you need to understand the problems of your students. When you know that you can solve their problems. Strong knowledge in his / her area: you should have a strong understanding of what you are passing on, with proper database, and put forth those in a very orderly, maintain sequence and in an orderly way.

Ability to keep patience : this is a very essential quality. When you are handling young minds, they are bound to make troubles. So it is an implied quality of the trainer to understand their problems and be able to help them as and when accordingly. Added to it if you are armed Classroom management skills , then it makes your work all the more easier.

Good Time Management skills: Time Management Skill is yet another quality that a teacher must imbibe in him or her. When you have a syllabus to complete you have to lesson plan, all your activities, and distribute hours, in them, so that you have a fair amount of idea, how much time, which particular lesson might require.

Accepting and working on challenges: Challenges is a part of any profession. So teaching profession also has its fair share of challenges. You must be aware of a peculiar common challenges, and should be armed with them. There might be some more which might require your quick thinking and proactivity.

Most importantly upgrading yourself on the most recent methodologies to teach. This is one of the most important requirement, as time makes it very difficult for the teachers to handle students with age old theories. Generations do have their changed personalities. So, the requirement of newer modes of training is much required

Teaching as a career has been quite sought after, and these days with a proper and recognized training is also highly paid.

Teaching jobs have never dried out, as the number of schools have increased several times over, in the past decade as several are about to open , will always offer plenty of opportunities for aspiring and experienced teachers to work.

In our experience, many try and shift to this profession from other sectors as this job gives them plenty of scope for creativity, mixing and passing on knowledge as well as giving much time, which they usually did not find in the corporate world.

GTA will assist its successful teachers, Placement Openings in schools, as well as language institutions, as well as corporate who wish to take up language trainers. The International Diploma Courses from GTA, as the name suggests are not any ordinary certificate, but an International ones accredited by several International Educational organizations.

These will help people to work as teachers not only in India but throughout any school in the world.