Methodologies for all our courses are simple and student friendly. The program is devised in such way that our trainees face no difficulties of understanding its usage and operation. A person with minimum computer and internet literacy will be able to smoothly accomplish the course. The free messaging programs, which are very common in the virtual world today, are mainly used for communication with the students. There will be no communication gap between you and your tutor for the entire course.

Global Training Academy ensures that all their students who enroll for a Course are given adequate support by our academic team. The trainers are available through Phone calls / Chats / E-mail on the all week days (10am – 6pm). The students can talk to the trainers directly or E-mail the query to the tutors.

Emails are becoming one of the major online teaching tools all around the globe and its importance cannot be discounted. It gives easy one to one interaction between the student and the teacher and most importantly you can access your emails from all corners of the world. Emails are usually responded back within 24 hours by our tutors.

The courses are divided into separate phases each catering to a different topic. MCQs and assignments are given to the students on these topics and they are to complete it after using the materials provided in the site. Online assistance will be given to the trainees if they face any problem. All the assignments will be assessed and feedbacks will be sent to the candidates. The trainees will be made aware of their strengths, drawbacks and areas which, has scope for improvement.

All phases of the diploma courses need to be completed within a maximum time span of 1 year and the short courses within the time span of three months. The evaluated assignments will be sent from time to time so that the trainees learn from their errors and work on them accordingly, to improve their quality of work.

The International Diploma is granted to the trainees who do their assignments on time, correctly and follow the suggestion provided by the trainer. After receiving the International Diploma, the trainees can expect adequate support and assistance for job hunt by keeping in touch through