To take up any course you need to send an online application form from the website.

Once your application is received it will be checked thoroughly, and if your profile fits to be a part of the program, then we will email you and contact you for the same.

When we get your details we take a payment towards your course fees and acknowledge your payment. Payment can be made through online by transferring through debit or credit card or through Bank Transfer.

Then we set up an e-account for you with a user id and password and link for the course sent to one of your email id. You will be able to download the course content sent to you in a .Pdf format. You will also find in-class training videos which will help you in getting an in-class exposure, helping you to understand the practical application of the theoretical knowledge learnt online.

The courses are very flexible and you can log in to your account at any time of the day according to your convenience and also being so flexible you can opt these without leaving your jobs.

Case studies and assignments would also be included in your e account. When you view the videos , you would find, that the video content support the theories which you would download from the.pdf files. Case studies will also enhance the quality of your program.

The training has been designed in a way that you can gain in class training experience sitting in the comforts of your home without you having to travel anywhere out. The practical applications of the theories will be available as videos in the e-account.

Once you enroll you would be supported by online trainers who are there to help you with queries related to the course and the assignments. You can pass on your queries to them through online chats during the office hours as also for bigger queries pass them as emails. The contact details of your trainers will be provided with a welcome mail, which will include their email id, and their chat ids in Gmail. If you have your chat id in Gmail, you can add them and chat during the office hours.

The courses will have a system of MCQs and assignments to evaluate your performance , which would be there with all the phases of your individual courses.

You can do your assignments in MS Word File, attach it with your email id and send that across to the training division. When trainers receive your completed assignment, they will take a maximum of 7 to 10 working days to check your work, and give feedback on your performance. The trainer will grade your assignments according to your performance, like A+, A, B+, B and C.

The assignments below grade C will be returned back once for a redo of that particular assignment. So it gives you a chance to improve your grade in the second attempt. You can move to the assignments for your next phase once you have got back the evaluated copy of your assignments. This process will continue for the required phases only, and Projects involved in the course.

Final Certificate will be given to you after you successfully complete all the required assignments for your course. For Certificate Dispatch outside India will cost you additional USD 35.In India the certificate dispatch is absolutely free.