Internationally Accredited Teaching Diploma Courses

Global Training Academy, an international organization brings you training courses to sharpen your skills in your area. It also gives you an opportunity to learn and develop skills in areas which might help you avail the profession of your dreams. We offer skill enhancing courses for both Freshers and experienced professionals. After completion of the internationally recognized 220 hours Diploma programs we will give you a 100% job assistance also.

We have the following courses:


With changing times, a formal training in teaching has become mandatory, in order to take this profession in any reputed schools. With a rise in the number of schools, demand of trained teachers, has also gone up considerably. At times there are situations when teachers working in schools just cannot leave their jobs to take up in class training. Online training from an international teachers training organization of good repute can come to help in such situations.

International Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher course has designed in such a way that a complete development of children is brought about by catering for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and aesthetic development. This makes the task of a teacher more demanding. Thus, the teacher needs to be well- versed, trained and well-equipped with all the required skills to do justice to the children.

This is an International Certification to teach children from Pre and Primary level anywhere in the world in the age group of 2 to 12, and includes all the approaches to pre school training , like Montessori, Froebel, Reggio Emilia, Piaget, as well as Thematic Teaching. This course will also have a component where teaching English to young children in four areas – Reading , Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The course also becomes special in the sense that it teaches you extensively in all topics of Classroom Management, Grammar, and Phonetics. These will of course give you extra skills to outshine other trained people, as   they   will   not   have   so   much   skill   as   much  as  you  will  carry  and   that   too   at  an   affordable   price  of   Rs. 20000 (Special Fees for limited period). Read More


English is the most preferred mode of communication amongst people throughout the world, and most profusely used as a business language. There has always been a great demand in learning the language.

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, it is also known as TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TEFL or TESOL Certificate is a Compulsory International Certification with worldwide recognition to teach English abroad to any age group anywhere in the world.

TEFL jobs are at times highly paid. Combined with it, gives an additional advantage of travelling to distant places and holidaying while still being at work. TEFL teachers are highly required in the international or IB schools. There is a huge demand in Language institutions, as well as people giving training in English and its correct pronunciation in corporate bodies. They can teach any Educational Organization anywhere in the world, where TEFL Diploma Certificate becomes mandatory. Most requirements come from the countries in the Middle East, China, Thailand and the South Pacific Zone.

It emphasizes on CLT ( Communicative Language Teaching) techniques, which becomes the mode and goal of English learning, and induces the language in four areas Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. It also teaches you the essentials of a TEFL course like motivation, need based learning, Grammar and Phonetics, Need Analysis, Course designs, Lesson Planning how to evaluate, teaching in large groups, Classroom Management and Disaster Management. The International Diploma will include extra contents on Teaching Business English and Teaching English to young learners. Thus giving you total training for teaching English to almost any age group.

We want our participants to come out of this TEFL Diploma course with not only competence, but also brimming with confidence. These will of course give you extra skills to outshine other trained people and that too at an affordable price of Rs. 20000 (Special Fees for limited period).
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The demand of trainers has increased immensely in any corporate organization, because any organization wishes to increase the productivity and efficiency of its employees. So it has become very necessary to impart the essential knowledge of the roles the employees play in their work. Therefore a trainer has great role in removing the obstacles in way of success for the employees as well as the organization as whole.

The train the trainer course primarily focuses to develop the inherent qualities of a trainer, i.e. observation, analysis and evaluation skills. Contains modules on learning skills, input of NLP, trainer trainee motivation, experienced trainers mindset, group learning and dynamics, need analysis, monitoring progress. The course also gives you several resources in Icebreakers, energizers, role plays, training games, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, templates .The course will ask you to choose any 2 modules out of 4 given modules on Training, namely , Leadership and Influence, Conflict Management, Stress Management, and Project Management.

You get the course at an affordable price of Rs 20000 (Special Fees for limited period) for an international course of 220 hours.
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GTA, introduces various short courses on Classroom Management, Phonetics and Grammar teaching for existing and aspiring teachers. Each course is internationally recognized. These courses course consists of detailed and structured phases which furnishes you with the advanced teaching techniques and help you groom yourself as an efficient teacher. The affordability of the course makes it more convenient for any aspiring teacher to take it up easily and get certified and become a knowledgeable teacher to meet the teaching challenges in Schools, institutions and corporate settings.

You get the course at an affordable price of 6,000 INR .
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