Company – Global Training Academy

Global Training Academy (GTA), whose parent body is TEFL Academy, apart from having a rich team of trainers and tutors also maintains a rich team of Research and Development, who develop all the courses that we offer. The R&D Team constantly updates the course content and give you the best resources.

They develop the courses, keeping in view, certain parameters:
Requirement of skills in the industry
Latest methodologies
Easiest way to let the students absorb the contents
Skill up gradations required

Attention is also given in including the number of case studies, so that real life scenarios in your professional field can be illuminated to you. Assignments and video presentations are made in a way so that you can relate them to the theories that you receive in your e-access.

The GTA team understands that since you are doing an online course, you have your personal reasons for not doing the same, in class. So Videos are made in a way which you can relate to the theories you receive and do not miss an in class training sessions. There is always a scope of including more and more number of videos, so that the demonstration of the theories can be made easier. This also becomes convenient when we upgrade our writings for the reading materials, and automatically there will be an inclusion of relevant videos for them.