Add-on Materials

The add-on materials mentioned below can be exclusively used for training purposes. These are created by us after years of research in the field of training research and development. We would love to share our expertise and knowledge in this area for very small token amounts.

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Icebreakers: Use the varied icebreakers to make your trainees feel at ease and comfortable. Introduce them to one another and energize them. These different icebreakers will surely help to generate laughter and conversation and at the same time, it will open up the topic of the session.

Energizers: An energizer is a brief activity that is intended to pump up the energy in a group by engaging them in physical activity. It is a transition time activities that bring in fresh flow, laughter and interaction among the members, cognitively (problem-solving). They can be used with any group, including during training.

Power Point Presentation: This presentation comprises of 155 slides that effectively showcases “How to plan a 3 day Training”. This can be an imperative weapon to the trainers which will help them to escalate knowledge and skills of the participants.

Role Plays: Role plays are the most effective forms of training which help in simulating a wide range of characters and realistic scenarios reflecting the company profile. It further helps the trainees to get hands on experience in dealing and experiencing with different people ,thoughts or ways of thinking, that one may or may not encounter.

Training Games: To keep the audience attention span in a training session on, especially after a session of lecture, training games play a significant role. Games spurs laughter and more importantly the competition makes the training session fun and help get everyone involved to participate fully.

Case Studies: In order to provide an insight to a challenging or a problematic situation, case studies help trainees to overcome the anticipated problems. Case studies provide an account for a real or fictitious situation, including adequate details to make it possible for the groups to analyze the problems involved.

Templates: These ready to use templates make great resource material for a trainer. This is more useful when there is a time crunch. The templates range from attendance sheet to certificate templates to strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) assessing template.


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