Global Training Academy - About the Company

GLOBAL Training Academy is one of the leading names in the world of teacher training. The company is blessed with professionals who are proactive and farsighted. This quality has helped GTA achieve proper assessment, engagement and teaching practices for its students. The most significant commitment of GTA is to continuously discover the foundational elements of the basics of teaching. Emphasis is given to the foundation as it is the main basis for the learning process, which will continue life long and for generations.

Company – Global Training Academy

GTA is the offshoot of TEFL Academy which is in TEFL teacher training since 2006. The company is registered in United Kingdom, Thailand and India and operates worldwide with partners and own operations. TEFL Online course website and TEFL International Course website.

GTA caters to students both online and on-site teacher training, soft skill and skill development programs worldwide. The latest development in the teaching industry is incorporated in the curriculum so that our trainees are well equipped with the key principles of teaching, training and development.

GTA for many years now have been training teachers from Asia, Europe, Africa and many other corners of theworld. We are thinking of launching self-directed study course and online workshops for our trainees soon.

Our Purpose

The main aim of GTA is to prepare a course curriculum which equips its teachers to grip the modern teaching systems and understand the principals and intricacies of teaching, training and development.

What We Believe

Best education in self-education!
The three most important parts of learning and education is ritual, music and movement.
Modern teaching styles are perfectly blended with traditional concepts of teaching
GTA trains its teachers so that they are comfortable in teaching both adults and children.
We stress on practical application as we believe that it is the best way of learning.
It is always best to accommodate different modes of educations
GTA also believes that there can be nothing better than self-directed and self-paced education


GTA is an offshoot of one of the biggest TESOL training institutes in the Asia-Pacific zone - TEFL Academy. Our comprehensive teaching diploma program every year prepares hundreds of trainees for teaching English in various locations abroad. Our company provides the unique scope to the upcoming teachers with thousands of job opportunities, through its Certificate Online courses which have a world-wide recognition and accreditation, offering to help all who are willing to get certified with TESOL in order to take up a flourishing teaching career ahead in life.

GTA offers one of the greatest online TEFL certification courses in the world. The course is made comprehensive and better by sincere effort of our academicians who are associated with the TEFL industry for a long time. Most of our moderators and academicians have more than a decade’s experience in teaching students and teachers. With the help of this experienced and dedicated staff, GTA has made it to the pinnacle of the language training industry. Twenty years of experience in this industry have made it possible for us to get the best staff, facilities and network of this industry.

Accreditations from reputed institutions

Accreditations are required for establishing the authenticity and dependability of the course and the institution. GTA has earned accreditations for some of the best organizations on the planet who are intricately related to the teaching and TEFL industry. The GLOBAL TRAINING ACADEMY is supported by PEBBLE HILLS UNIVERSITY, TEACHERS FIRST and it is a member of IELA and CALICO.

Inexpensive, easy and the best!

The teaching courses and the Diploma courses offered by GTA are known for being affordable and convenient. However, in the process of keeping the course reasonably priced and easy, GTA has not compromised on its quality. Senior faculties in teaching and training, reputed ESL teachers of Asia and some parts of the world have strived together to design the best curriculum and material for the online courses of GTA. This serious effort has resulted in a training program which is inexpensive and convenient yet one of the best in the industry.